Streetstyle galore : Prague Fashion Weekend and Reykjavik Fashion Festival

eng: Think the Fall fashion shows are over when Paris ends? Think again. Photographer Adam Katz Sinding was in Iceland, capturing the best street style at Reykjavík Fashion Festival. He also made a pit stop in the capital of the Czech Republic for Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend. And today we have streetstyle out of the ordinary here in miss Margaret Cruzemark. Enjoy. 

Collections we love : Chloe Pre-Fall 2015

eng : The enigmatic, boyish allure of 70s rockstar Kate Bush and the androgynous, glam rock style of David Bowe’s Ziggy Stardust era influenced Clare Waight Keller in creating her nomadic and glamorously rock ‘n’ roll collection for Chloé . Come early fall, we’ll be vying for high waisted sailor pants, wool capes, ribbon tied blouses, Mongolian fur coats, and over the knee boots so we too, can relive the 70s with that classicly effortless Chloé-esque je ne sais quoi.

Some fashion facts : How Much People Really Get Paid to Attend Fashion Shows

eng : Every season you can expect designers to have front rows stocked with A-list celebrities — some more than others, of course. Ever wonder why? Who What Wear has your answer. Read on for the inside scoop on how much designers are doling out to have the hottest celebrities, editors, and bloggers front and center at their runway shows. Fashion shows are not just opportunities for designers to debut their latest creations in a public space. They are also money-making opportunities for everyone from A-list celebrities to rising bloggers—some of whom get paid insane amounts just to sit front row for the 15 minutes it takes the show to run its course.We crunched the numbers and, based on our research, have come up with is a fairly comprehensive list of what everyone gets paid to attend fashion shows—as well as how much the average person pays for a ticket.

Fashion fact : This is what too-tight clothes really do to your body

eng: We've all been there: You're lying on the bed, sucking in your stomach so you can finally zip up that pair of skintight jeans. Or, maybe you've got a boning-lined dress that starts digging into your side even though it fit just fine at the beginning of the evening. Little moments like these served as the inspiration behind IMPRESSION, a series from San Diego-based photographer Justin Bartels, documenting a group of women after they've taken off their clothes — and the marks of these too-tight pieces that remain. 

Posh report : Some Outfit Ideas For Style Extroverts

eng : Whether you're brainstorming around the conference table at work, crowding around a bar with friends, or trying to elbow yourself into the last standing spot on the subway, life is full of micro-battles between introverts and extroverts. When it comes to Fashion Week, there are those who'll keep their heads down and run for cover, dodging the swarms of photographers to beeline for the entrance, and then there are the people who savor the moments just before a show. As a group that loves clicking through street style slideshows, we just have to say: Bless those fashion extroverts. 

Greeks are great in designing heels : Dukas 2015 Spring Summer 2015 collection

eng: Dukas (Dukas Chatzidoukas) is a famous Greek shoe designer. He was born in Thessaloniki on 11th September 1975. He graduated from the American College of Greece, acquiring a Master’s degree in History of Art. 2003 was a very important year for the designer’s career as he created his first Shoes & Accessories collection, which contained Prêt-à-Porter products with vivid Haute Couture elements. They were instantly characterised as luxury items and became extremely successful, as they were adored not only in Greece but also in Europe and America. In March 2008 Dukas participate in “Paris Fashion Week”; the designer presented Dukas a/w ’08 ’09 Collection at multi brand showrooms continuing that way his international career, making Dukas brand more popular all around the world, as well.