The cherry blossoms are falling, falling : Presenting Club Monaco Aetherial collection

eng : Founded in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco is an international lifestyle brand that offers affordable luxury with a modern sensibility. Headquartered in New York City in the heart of west Chelsea’s gallery district, Club Monaco appeals to the creative consumer—a group of cultural influencers who mix fashion must-haves with timeless classics. Τhe brand represents a distinctly urban-casual point of view, best defined as a sophisticated play of opposites: mixing vintage with new, hard with soft and eclectic with minimal.

No, not that : 15 Biggest Celebrity Makeup Fails Ever

eng : Makeup is women’s biggest weapon, known to powerfully turn plain Janes into goddesses. With a stroke of a brush, cosmetics can easily create illusions: elongate a nose, make the eyes bigger, the skin smoother, and the face younger. Hollywood celebrities have a team of makeup artists and stylists to make them look good 24/7. Despite that, makeup blunders are still unavoidable among our A-list stars. Style faux pas can still happen to stars even with a large team of professionals.

New personal style post : Together we stand - divided we fall....

eng: I think you all know that my favorite fashion place in Athens is Studio Avra exclusive boutique. Everytime I visit the store I  discover something new, something great, something so well tailored, it's a challenge for me not to try it. I was there the other day and I had the pleasure meeting mrs Eirene Sapountzi, the designer behind the new and so popular at the moment brand, Eirene Athens.

Style files : The ladies who makes us want to dress better

eng : Trying to highlight the best-dressed women in this wide world is a fool’s game—style, obviously, is subjective and narrowing down who does it “best” is impossible. That said, there are plenty of women who make us want to dress better. Between Hollywood types, fashion insiders, models, musicians and It-girls, we’ve started a list (yes, we plan to keep adding to it) of women whose indescribable mix of fashion knowledge, talent for mixing high and low, and possession of a certain X factor always keep us captivated, and inspires us to seriously step up our style game.Read on, and let us know who you’d add!

SUMMER NIGHT FEVER : The best dressed celebrity list by mr. Blasberg

eng : Derek Blasberg selects the 10 chicest looks of the week. Mr Blasber is an American fashion writer, editor and New York Times bestselling author. He is the Editor-at-Large of Harper’s Bazaar and Vmagazine and VMAN, publications for women and men, respectively. He is also the founder of the website, which documents his social observations, fashion reporting, best-dressed lists and international travel.