New personal style post : Hitting the aphex

eng : In the total absence of sing O the times, in conflict with myself, in constant struggle with the obvious, opposed to any kind of limits, to anything I don't want, in everything that I do not like, in everything that does not represent me and for everyone that is selling - I am not buying. I know what it is I'm looking for. I know what I want. And what I want is an ego and a somehow, without effort for perfection which equals boredom. Long live the new, long live the beautiful, long live what he has reason to exist because it is worth to live (may forever).

Dreaming of holidays (still): Levendis estate @ Ithaca island, Greece

engLevendi's is a 7-acre eco-chic farm on the shores of the Ionian island of Ithaca. Perched on a hillside and having spectacular sea views, this organic olive oil producing estate includes four houses, each set into its own fragrant gardened terraces, a swimming pool and outdoor amenities. Levendi's offers a luxury, family-friendly and romantic destination where quality and hospitality are the abiding hallmarks.Two principles guided their idea to add accommodation to the terraced olive groves which were Levendis.

Designer collection presentation : Erika Cavallini RTW Spring 2016

eng: Erika Cavallini is a brand that was born on 2009 and quickly spread on the Italian market and all over the world thanks to a successful formula: keeping the philosophy of ‘’the small’’ together with the strategies of ‘’the big’’ always trusting in people’s work, valuing the know-how, the culture and the poetry that our Country can be proud of. It is not by chance that one of the founding values, pursued by the designer and founder Erika Cavallini since the beginning of the project, is the Made in Italy.

New personal style post : A visual poetry

eng : All the greatest editorials in fashion magazines don't have many words. The images are speaking for fashion, the images are speaking about style, telling us we can be unique. Because all is a matter of choises. STUDIO AVRA exclusive boutique can give you this choice. Have a great week everyone. Bisous, miss M. 

Stasou Mygdala - The new "Snack" collection by Katerina Ioannidis & Co.

eng: In 1998 Katerina Ioannidis founded KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. alongside her husband Nicholas Navrozidis, quickly making a name for themselves with their characteristics handcrafted jewelry. Today they run a successful jewelry boutique in Thessaloniki, Greece and supply wholesale to discerning contemporary galleries, leading concept stores and national museums. KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. has quickly become one of the most recognized contemporary jewelry firm in Greece. They design and produce handmade gold and silver contemporary jewelry and their work can be identified as 'studio craft' demonstrating a conscious subversion of the materials and techniques used in traditional goldsmith

New personal style post : Samakov District used to be my playground...

eng: Good morning everyone. Today I am really really happy about this personal style post. Cause it involves my hometown. My hometown is Xanthi-Greece and Samakov is the area of the city where both of my grandmothers were staying, where my father was born, where me and my brother were playing. So, when I saw this new independent brand called SAMAKOV DISTRICT strtwr I totally obsessed with and wanted to find out more.