What would Yeezus wear? These Insta-Girls Do Kim and Kanye Better Than Kim and Kanye

Everything about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — from their fame to their over-the-top style statements — feels pretty unattainable. So much so that we can hardly fathomdressing like the high fashion couple. But Katie and Kathleen, the ladies behind the Instagram account What Would Yeezus Wear aren't afraid of a little challenge. The girls have re-created a handful of Kim and Kanye's most memorable looks — starting with their Halloween moment from 2012, when Kimye showed us the cool way to pull off Eric and Ariel, and including a cameo by Baby North — and honestly, the results are pretty freaking amazing.Not only are the coordinated outfits totally on point, but Katie and Kathleen also manage to nail Kim and Kanye's facial expressions, mood, and general demeanor every single time. On that note, keep scrolling to see some of their most accurate portrayals.

Deco-fashion presentation : Diesel World Headquarters

Presenting Diesel World Headquarters, an hour outside Venice, Italy. The new Diesel Headquarters was built on the grounds of a former industrial site, thereby renovating a 90,000 square-meter plot of land that had been allocated to a local engineering industrial facility. The complex essentially comprises five main building units: corporate offices, warehouse/museum facilities, an auditorium, a nursery, and a central utilities operation/monitoring and security services facility.The general layout of the entire building complex was influenced by the shape and size of the grounds, the urban and construction official regulatory requirements, as well as input data. The new headquarters not only successfully reflects functional requirements, but also responds to important environmental considerations, which include precise, rural spatial regulations concerning its surroundings as well as new site-specific provisions and stipulations: warehouses, detached houses, vegetable patches, gardens and infrastructure facilities.

New personal style post : Fashion Little.Miss.Eli take me to another era

How can one combine teaching with sewing? Well, one girl thought she could. Joanna decided to study and deal with teaching in England, regardless of the career path of her grandmother and mother who were involved in tailoring. But life has strange ways and guess what! Just like that, a year ago, she found herself surrounded with tule, scoops, crochet hooks and all that she wanted to avoid as a teacher And the irony is that she has started to have real fun creating clothes!Somewhat thus created, among others, the TuTu skirts under the her name, Joanna Misseli. Her TuTu skirts are spacious, airy, both for morning and evening outfits, and you can wear them with your sneakers or your pumps. They are coming in three different lengths and in many colors. The hard part? To find out which color and length you like (cause you probably like them all)! You can view the entire collection and the statement jewelry created in Fashion.Little.Miss.Eli (because she also does that) here!

Streetstyle galore : some of my favorite looks of the season

Winter racing reason is well and truly under way, so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to sort out your trackside wardrobe. It’s not as simple as picking the perfect pair of pants, coat, dress, jumpsuit or matching set, because you’ve also got to decide what kind of overall look you want to rock on the field. Do you want to look feminine in whites, creams and pastels, or playful in quirky prints and bright colours? How about amping up the sophistication and class in monochrome and structure silhouettes? We suggest you look to the street style stars in the gallery below, who know their personal aesthetic well, and pull outfits together with ease. You’ll be surprised at how well these pieces will translate from the street to trackside. Now all you need is a fascinator, and you’re ready to go.

Greeks do it better (collection presentation) : STELIOS KOUDOUNARIS AW 2014-15

Stelios Koudounaris was born in 1981 and raised in Cyprus. As long as he can remember, he was always involved in fashion, since his family owned a fashion business. After studying Fashion Design and Garment Manufacture he moved to Athens and worked for some leading Greek fashion business as a fashion designer and stylist. He is now presenting his 13th personal label collection called “STELIOSKOUDOUNARIS” for fall/winter 2014-15. He has participated several times in Athens Exclusive Designer’s Week as well as in the Cyprus Fashion Week, Fashion Room Service by Ozon and Greek Designers’ Project by Absolute Vodka.

Our never ending summer : Miss Reef 2015 Calendar

Just like every year, Reef, announces their Miss Reef Calendar for the upcoming year. Below you can enjoy the 2015 calendar, shot in Latin America. Once again Reef didn’t disappoint us, didn’t disappoint us at all!!! You can watch the trailer (I highly suggest you to do it). It’s something so beautiful that words really can’t describe. It was shot and uploaded in 4K, Ultra High Definition, Cinema 4K, Mad Quality, Sharp as fuck. Follow Miss Reef around the storied tip of the Baja Peninsula – where the rolling Sea of Cortez, Mexico’s famed deserts, and the sparkling expanse of the Pacific Ocean all converge into a stunning back-drop as exotic as Miss Reef herself.