Streetstyle essentials : English boys vs Italian men

Italian Gentlemen vs the British Empire 
Ευγενείς Στυλάτοι Ιταλοί εναντίον Βρετανικής Αυτοκρατορίας Μόδας 
eng: Style is such a personal matter. But there are some things that group of people are doing it together and this seperates them to tribes. Tribes that come from Nations. Today we compare the style of Italian Gentlemen vs the British Empire. The bold, futuristic, hipster english streetstyle and the classic, so well tailored, suit-loving, mediterranean italian streetstyle. Who is your favorite?

Mood of the moment : Patio umbrellas and Pom Pom Factory.

eng : We all love love a sun umbrella for our patios (if we are lucky enought to have one) – but one with lots of charm, of course. But will it be a retro-esque double decker with a color contrasting lined edge? Or will it be a bohemian, Balinese style ornate with tassels and charms? Or a vintage florally tassel one? Decisions, decisions . . . 

They are wearing (streetstyle) : Echo Park Vs. Williamsburg Vs. the Venice Biennale

eng : As artists and art lovers gathered for the opening of the 56th annual Venice Biennale, they dressed with broad strokes of personality — opting for the casual comfort of sneakers and the airy ease of linen dresses and latticework skirts. From the Arsenale to the Giardini, cool sunglasses ruled.   

Editorial time : L'Amour Toujours

Vogue US July 2015 editorial "L'Amour Toujours"
Models: Natalia Vodianova and Adrien Brody 
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh 
Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington, Michael Philouze 
Hair: Odile Gilbert 
Make-up: Stephane Marais

New personal style post : Season sales - happy me !

eng : When it comes to style matters, there are many things to say, and yet there are not that many things to say. Confused? I will explain. Style is something really personal. It is the way you are gonna wear the clothes your have bought (buying clothes is fashion). You must know yourself really well and recognize what compliments your body the most to buy great stuff and accessories that go really well with the outfit. I, to tell you the truth, don't have this kind of problem, cause everytime I go at STUDIO AVRA STORE to check what is new, I am measured for poshness and I am getting ready for gorgeousness with no effort at all.