Art and Fashion : Movie time vs Street Style

eng : The difference or distance between two colors is a metric of interest in color science. It allows quantified examination of a notion that formerly could only be described with adjectives. Quantification of these properties is of great importance to those whose work is color critical. Common definitions make use of the Euclidean distance in a device independent color space. The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) calls their distance metric ΔE*ab (also called ΔE*, dE*, dE, or "Delta E") where delta is a Greek letter often used to denote difference, and E stands for Empfindung; German for "sensation".

This is a personal style post : The curves of your lips rewrite history...

eng : Today I am really happy to introduce to you two great brands, one from Italy and one from Greece. The gorgeous bag I am holding is from a new brand I discovered recently. TwoBet . Two Bet is the idea of two curious and fond of fashion girls, Yoshii Sutera (half Sicilian and half Japanese) and Chiara Di Matera (a real Puglies woman). Chiara and Yoshii have met by chance in a vintage atelier in London, the famous «onE of a kind» in Portobello Road, both constantly seeking interesting objects and inspirations. Their attention was captured by a one of a kind vintage item, the Chanel bag 2.55. And then came the argument : they both wanted the bag but there was only one left. This was actually the basis for their collaboration. As mutually agreed, Chiara and Yoshii decided to test themselves by creating their own bag. The girls met randomly and from their meetings the TwoBet project is now all over Italy and most of Europe from which they can express their passion and enthusiasm. 

Absence of Necessity :Presenting Greek Designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades new collection

eng : Geometrical shapes and contemporary architectural movements are very much the basis of the Spring Summer 2016 collection, translating into asymmetrical folds, pleats and origami techniques. Much of the strength in the work of Yiorgos Eleftheriades derives from the way he approaches tailoring, infusing it into daywear and evening clothes, bold or soft outlines alike. Fluidity versus firmness and the idea of unconstrained movement are the reasoning behind the designer’s pursuit of balance and poise in his new collection.