A day in the life of a fashion blogger : If these poses could talk…

eng : It's hard out there for a style blogger. So many outfits to photograph, so few poses to choose from. Fake laughing. Shy lack of eye contact, e.t.c. So, how would these go-to poses explain themselves if they could talk? Let's find out...

Best spring fashion inspiration : top streetstyle trends

eng : 'Tis the season of freshening up your wardrobe with bright colors, light layers and revitalizing pairings that automatically give new life to your fashion game. Here, peruse the best spring fashion inspiration, straight from the style set.

Coachella : The best looks from that ground in Indio

eng : Welcome to Indio, California: the land of sunshine, palm trees, and, for the next two weekends, 200,000 festival-goers.That’s right: Coachella is upon us, and with it, Coachella street style. Check out today's post to see festival fashion taken to new, fringe-laden levels. You will see flower crowns, denim cutoffs, celebrity cliques, and more than a few impractical maxi dresses. But this is what Coachella fashion means, after all...

Fashion fact : This is what too-tight clothes really do to your body

eng: We've all been there: You're lying on the bed, sucking in your stomach so you can finally zip up that pair of skintight jeans. Or, maybe you've got a boning-lined dress that starts digging into your side even though it fit just fine at the beginning of the evening. Little moments like these served as the inspiration behind IMPRESSION, a series from San Diego-based photographer Justin Bartels, documenting a group of women after they've taken off their clothes — and the marks of these too-tight pieces that remain. 

Streetstyle time : The best pics from Seoul Fashion Week

eng : Street style - It’s not just for grown-ups, as these pics of adults and kids—lots of kids!—at Seoul Fashion Week prove. Every Seoul Fashion Week, the crowds go wild for the city’s tiniest street style stars, who are brought to the DDP complex each day to rock miniature versions of trending street fashions—baby Timbs, cropped denim. Yet a keen eye might have noticed a common thread linking these well-dressed tots: a shared fondness for sportswear, that is, and for American baseball teams, in particular.

Age was never a matter : How 12 Fashion Icons Mastered the Art of Aging Stylishly

Brooke Shields
eng: In an industry where a great deal of emphasis is placed on the new, it's refreshing to pay tribute to the women with sartorial staying power. Whether they completely transformed their looks across the course of decades, or established and maintained a classic style of dress and stuck with it, these 12 women are shining examples of how to embrace and own your style for many, many years to come!