Fashion collection presentation : Electric Feathers FW15

eng : The concept behind Leana Zuniga’s Electric Feathers is to capture contemporary timelessness and versatility. Inspired by the elegance in all things effortless and functional, the intention is to create pieces that can be worn in many environments: day to night, and when possible, throughout all seasons. Each season is an exploration of versatile and convertible silhouettes. The colors, from subtle to vibrant, are all selected with great consideration for their mood, and evoke harmony with the wearer. 
Working with richly textured and unique natural fabrics, including hand woven cottons and silks, she enjoys using hand-dyeing techniques, and hand painting to create unique one of a kind pieces within each collection. In an ever more disposable world, she hopes each Electric Feathers piece is a unique treasure; designed to be personalized, coveted and kept. We have combined this presentation with a series of "Imaginary Flowers". Danse de Lune, also know as Art and Ghosts, is a UK based digital illustrator who draws inspiration from fairytales, dreams, nature, imaginary creatures and the supernatural. In her series Imaginary Flowers she’s created up some of the most imaginative botanical leaves and buds. 

gr : "Γυναίκα, μνήμη περικύητη· αχνή μοναχικότητα κι αγέννητη ακόμη, πρώτη μου λες φορά ανέπνεα κοντά σου: Το λίγο που μιλήσαμε — θέλω να ξέρεις — σοφός κανείς στον κόσμο αυτό δεν πρόκειται να νιώσει." (Αλέξανδρος Κωνσταντίνου, Παλαιόπολις και άλλα ποιήματα). Συνοδεύει την παρουσίαση την collection Electric Feathers με τα Imaginary Flowers της digital illustrator Danse de Lune inthemix. Merci . 

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