Style galore : streetstyle from Pitti Uomo Spring 2016

eng : Aside from being a destination to potentially get snapped by street-style gawds Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton, Pitti Uomo is a place of business. As the men's portion of the Pitti Immagine collection of fashion events, Pitti Uomo is a tradeshow in Florence, Italy that's been around since 1972. 
It's a four-day market-facing event in which retailers, buyers, and editors come together to view upcoming collections (in this case, Fall 2014). Most importantly, brands gather under one roof to display a full season (mainly) for buyers, who select the pieces and quantities they wish to order. This is the moment that stores decide what they're going to eventually sell to you, the customer. Once these orders are filled out, the brands spend the next few months producing the correct quantity and they eventually make their way to stores approximately six months later. This time, it was all about the blazer on the first day of Pitti Uomo. The style set continued to show their love of tailored suits, pocket squares, and the occasional pop of color on day two of Pitti Uomo. Scroll down and check out the best looks here.

gr: Χαράς ευαγγέλια στα αυτιά μου, ξεκίνησε το Pitti Uomo 88. Τι είναι αυτό το Pitti θα ρωτήσεις, που πολύ κακώς ρωτάς γιατί αν με έχεις καλή φίλη θα το γνώριζες, συνήθως σε πρήζω για τα καλά με τέτοια θέματα. Λοιπόν, το Pitti Uomo είναι μια 4ημερη επίδειξη εταιριών που δραστηριοποιούνται στην ανδρική μόδα (όχι όμως της σειράς, ξέρεις εσύ tailor made, κασμίρια, μαντήλια στο πέτο, βραχιόλια στα χέρια και τα τοιαύτα). Κι επειδή κάθε επίδειξη αποτελεί την καλύτερη ευκαιρία για να δείξει ο κόσμος της μόδας στον υπόλοιπο κόσμο τι φοράει και πως το φοράει, voila δες τι φοράνε οι ωραίοι κύριοι, Ιταλοί, Ιάπωνες, Ισπανοί και Αμερικάνοι κι αποφάσισε. Follow ή unfollow και άμεσο delete? Bisous.       


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