Lino Ieluzzi – Style’s Godfather

When it comes to staying ahead of the trends in men’s fashion, some say to look to the Italians. If the Italians are the ones that are doing it the best, it is Lino Ieluzzi who is doing it better. As one of the favourite street-style subjects of The Sartorialist or Tommy Ton, he has quickly risen to be one of the well known faces, Pitti Uomo Style would be incomplete without him. It is rare to see Lino photographed without a few of his signature pieces; jacket of choice –the double breasted suit, the classiest dress shoes of them all –double monk straps, and to top it off –an extra wide neck tie. He just oozes charisma. Lino Ieluzzi is the owner of the milanese boutique Al Bazar since 1969. He certainly knows how to dress best, it is such a shame that the yonger generations have become so “laxed” in their dress sense and grooming.



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